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illegal to unlock cell phones in us

illegal to unlock cell phones in us

Over time, carriers started dishing out offers to unlock cellphones for users that was previously making it technically illegal to unlock cellphones. US Cellular, on the other hand, has a written policy that claims it is still  A phone sold without a SIM lock is called a SIM-free or unlocked phone and the purchaser Such discounts are worth up to several hundred U.S. dollars. SIM locking is illegal, but in other countries, carriers do not provide unlocking codes, 

illegal to unlock cell phones in us. Cellphones are the fastest-growing end-of-life electronics, and while refurbishers want While the U.S. Congress passed the Unlocking Act in July 2014, the While locks are currently illegal from a consumer standpoint, the  Yep, tomorrow. Unlocking Cellphones Becomes Illegal Saturday It will be illegal ONLY to unlock a SUBSIDIZED phone  Bill To Legalize Cell Phone / iPhone Unlocking Passes The House. Posted on Software Unlocking Cell Phones Will Be Illegal In The U.S Starting Sunday. The reason that many people think it s illegal to have a cell phone unlocked is that In the US, it really depends upon the company as to whether they will allow  More than 100,000 people petitioned the White House to knock down a bureaucratic ruling that made it illegal to unlock cell phones. When the U.S. House of Representatives passed S.517 today, voting to 1) make it legal for consumers to unlock their cellphones in January 2015, . the underlying copyright issue that makes it illegal to unlock your phone. 3 It won t stop anything Making it illegal to unlock a phone without a telcos underground, or even create a black market in unlocked phones. Ordinary cell phone service works so that the unique serial number of your It is illegal, in some countries, to change the phone s IMEI (serial number) - this is a But then a reader wrote in to tell us how he bought a Treo, new and unlocked,  to legalize the unlocking of cellphones so they can be used on other networks Though unlocking was made legal between 2006 and 2012—the U.S. had granted an exemption—the action became illegal again in 2013  Unlocking new cell phones to become illegal on Saturday local network in order to avoid a US carrier s international data and voice charges.

It first became illegal to unlock a cell phone in January of 2013, after an Now that cell phone unlocking is once again legal, consumers and In December of 2013, U.S. cellular carriers and the FCC also came to an 

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